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Events & Programs

We are happy to host you for a sustainability tour/visit. School groups, church groups, garden clubs, individuals, etc. are all welcome. Host your staff meeting here and include a pizza lunch or snack of homemade bread & jam.  OR just come to hang out, walk the trails and BE. Please call/email to set a time.  The labyrinth & trails are self-guided, just call / email to let us know you're coming.

TO SIGN UP:  Some classes/activities are limited. PLEASE sign up by contacting us via email, phone (need: your name, phone, email & class/activity), or thru the website (be SURE to indicate class you're signing up for).  Schedule subject to change, confirm before coming.


ABOUT FEES:  We practice an economy of “reciprocity”, giving in accordance to what you receive (i.e., labor, money, goods needed, etc.), for a balance; it is not “required”. We trust that participants will honor a different way of doing economy.   (some classes do have a "supplies" fee which is noted.)

StoryWalk   Along Forrest Ridge Trail

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Self-Guided & Open most days

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The StoryWalk     is along the Forrest Ridge Trailfor adventurers to join reading, Sheep Take a Hike by Nancy Shaw.  The story stations also have fun movements to do along with the sheep as they adventure through the woods. New stories will be added and changed through the years as funds are available.

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Daycare groups, home-school groups, families, school groups, library groups and all ages are welcome to participate.  Want a special activity experience?  Let us know and we can set that up as a teacher-guided experience.  

MANY THANKS to the committee and volunteers, and especially to our donors who made this project possible:  Patrick S., Jody Z., Jenkins VFW, Central Lakes Rotary, & the Pine River Lions.  The StoryWalk     Project was created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition and the Kellogg Hubbard Library.   

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Labyrinth & Trails

Self-Guided & Open most days

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The Labyrinth in the woods and trails around the grounds are available for walking / meditating. Trails are no longer than one mile and some are quite short. We are also near trails into the Foothills State Forest.  Be sure to dress properly, trails may be wet.

* Forrest Ridge Trail

* Meadow Creek Trail

* Twin Creek Trail

* Balsam Pond Trail

* Labyrinth

labyrinth 2022.jpg

A labyrinth is a pathway that leads to a center, there are no dead ends or tricks, as in a maze. You follow the same path out from the center as into from the outside. They have been found in many indigenous cultures around the world and are often used as a spiritual tool for inner listening, reflection & gaining insight for life challenges, OR ... just for the fun of it!

Exploring an Earth-Centered Worldview 

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Jan. 18-Feb. 8, Four Wednesdays via Zoom
with Doug Weiss

Join this series to explore together what an earth-centered worldview might look like in relationship to other current worldviews. We'll reflect on our own worldviews and how those views may have changed over time, before launching into an earth-centered worldview.   


This series is not about changing the worldviews we each hold, only about learning and understanding each other's perspectives as we navigate our lives in community, and have fun exploring an emerging / expanding earth-centered worldview.

Doug has been exploring the idea of worldviews over the past few years, doing more reading, reflection and observation. He desires to share and explore with each of you to expand his own understandings and keep learning.  Doug is one of the creators of Balsam Moon Preserve.

Annual Bonfire 2023

Feb. 25, Saturday

Dress for the weather as we'll gather round the campfire

Gather with friends, old and new, for some Winter fun - snowshoe (bring your own), cross country ski (bring your own), make a snow sculpture, warm around the big fire, hang with friends.

Hot beverages & goodies available inside for a warm up at 5pm.

Bonfire 2020.jpg
Transformation Game.jpg
Transformation Game life path.jpg

Transformation Game

Mar. 18 & 19, Saturday & Sunday
10am-4pm each day

(lunch & snacks provided)
Limited to 4 players

Take time for yourself for a journey of insights, laughter, tears, fun with this amazing, "magical" tool in game form.  Work with angels, insights, set-backs, universal feedback and more to gain insights into a particular challenge in your life.  This is not a competitive game as each player has their own life path, though others provide support & insights.  Sign up to play, recruit your friends to join you, or simply see who joins in to aid you in some fun and learning. (for more info and past participants' comments, go to the "Retreats" page)

Barb Mann will serve as your guide in playing the game and keeping you on track as you go through four levels of play: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

Earth Day Labyrinth Walk / Meditation

April 21, Friday, 10am-11am 

Join with others and focus on Earth Day by walking the labyrinth with a specific intention as a group.  Earth Day is actually Apr. 22 and we're gathering the day before. The theme this year is "Invest in our planet".  The Earth would love our healing energy, care and support even though we know the Earth can survive without us.  Let us give back a little from what we've taken. Can't make 10-11am?  Come and walk solo anytime after 11am through the day.

EArth Day 2023.png

Gardening 101

April 22, Saturday, 9am-Noon
w/ Geoff Davidge, master gardener 

This is a great time to learn some of the basics of organic / chemical free gardening as you plan for spring planting.  Geoff will cover soil prep, composting, and seed starting for transplants which can save you quite a bit on your gardening costs.

Geoff is a long-timer gardener and just earned his Master Gardener certification from UMN Extension.  He loves sharing what he's learned!

StoryWalk Daycamp

April 29, Saturday, 1:00-3:00pm
RAIN OR SHINE! Dress appropriately
w/ Joan Ingebrigtson & Rhoda Jackson 

Especially for ages 6-12, this afternoon fun will take you on an adventure through the woods following the story Sheep Take a Hike by Nancy Shaw.  There will even be movements with the "sheep" to engage you in this wooded experience.  Additional craft activity, snack, and filling a daypack game. Join in the FUN! (limited space)

Joan is a retired educator and just LOVES working with kids, especially out in nature. Rhoda subs at the Brainerd Library and loves nature crafting and working with kids.

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